bottledwaterserviceHigh purity water by Distillata Water Bottling Company. Premium Drinking Water is a carefully blended mixture of both our Distilled and Artesian Spring water. The natural minerals of our Artesian Spring water are blended with our Distilled water to appeal to those with discriminating tastes.

At the end, you're left with pure, clean H20!

See your driver today and upgrade your bottled water program!
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Old Time Coffee Inc.
105 Olivia St.
McKee’s Rocks, PA 15136

  • Great looking rounded cooler with a matching cup dispenser & bottle cover
  • Aqua Stackers provided to store & stack the water securely
  • 4-3 gallon bottles (12 gallons) use the same floor space as 1-5 gallon bottles (5 gallons)
  • Nearly Three times the water in the same space!
  • So light, everyone in the office can carry them!

We provide a cook and cold or hot and cold coolers. Our unique 3 gallon round bottle provides an instant improvement to any bottle water program. Each bottle has a molded in handle, weighs 24 lbs. (35% less than a 5 gallon bottle) and they stack. Reduces clutter and potential lifting injuries.

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